Mi Don Panchito

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Don Panchito and I at a usually day of work. This was taken at Holy Rosary Church in Antioch, CA

I really wanted to write a post about a man that is not only unique because he plays mariachi music but because of the size of his heart. His name is Francisco, but I like to call him Don Panchito. He is the guitarist in my mariachi band and at age 70 (or more), sings and plays as if he were 20. He has more energy and spirit than anyone else in the band and it is easy to tell that he enjoys every part of it.

Don Panchito is the biggest joker of the band. He will play tricks on you and make a joke about everything. He is always up for jamming with the band and is even the band member with the most solos. He never complains about anything and gets through long work days like a champ.

For me he has become family. He has told me so many stories about his past. One about a horse that loved him and would start hollering when he was trying to sneak out of his girlfriend’s house. He tells about a chicken who was so attachted to him, she followed Continue reading ‘Mi Don Panchito’


Alejandro Fernandez

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If you think of one hunk marichi singer, you would probably think of Alejandro Fernandez. At his 40 years, he has accomplished more than many in the world of mariachi, including a giant ladies following. It may be the way he can sing into every girl’s ear at a sold out concert, but Alejandro Fernandez has got it.

He is the son of another mariachi sensation Vicente Fernandez who in his day and still has a huge following. Father and son often sing together like at Alejandro’s first t at age 6 when he forgot the lyrics and his father was there to help.

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Meet Mariachi Vargas

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Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan

If you haven’t heard of them, now is the time. But for many, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan is s well known part of their musical repertoire. Mariachi Vargas was established in 1897 under the direction of Gaspar Vargas, how the band got it’s name. Upon recently celebrating their century long work and devotion to the tradition mariachi, only listening to their music can tell more than me writing about it.

When you picture a mariachi band, I visualize Mariachi Vargas, specially when I think of a Son. A Son is a traditional celebration song, usually load and fun of energy. Mariachi Vargas is known for how they play their Sones, lets just say, they know how to Continue reading ‘Meet Mariachi Vargas’

Mariachi Aguilas De Contra Costa

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Mariachi Aguilas de Contra Costa

Mariachi Aguilas de Contra Costa was started in 1974 in Antioch, California, where they would play at local restaurants, bars and private parties. The mariachi then went under violinist Rosendo Rodriguez direction. He moved the mariachi’s location to San Pablo, CA, still the band’s current home. Throughout the years the maraichi has gone through many members. Some have since passed but new elements always being included.

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Such Moments

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One of my favorite things or playing in a mariachi is noticing interesting things that people do. This weekend I played a gig in Woodland, CA, it was a quinceañera at the birthday girl’s home.

They had tacos for dinner and seemed like the guests were mostly family and close friends. The birthday girl was Amanda who wore a pretty pink dress was a a polite girl but what I noticed was a young boy how at my first sight of him was holding a duck around with his little sister. He seemed like a nice boy but not anything uncommon.

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Mexico Lindo y Querido

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The love for one’s home land extends beyond borders. For people living in the United States who have left their homeland behind, having the connection to traditions and culture is of high importance.

I have become more aware of how much patriotism Mexican people have. There are so many songs that talk about the beautiful land in Veracruz and the pretty ladies in Jalisco, about the pride they have in Aguascalientes. They talk about the good people in Michoacan and mostly about the love for Mexico in general.

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Mariachi in Folkorico

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When you hear the roar of the trumpets blasting the first tune, all people can do is stand up and dance. Nothing goes better with Mexican mariachi music than a sapatiado. Folkorico is still widely danced in Mexico and through the U.S. Mexican states have their own specific style of dance complete with different costumes and songs. Sometimes states even have their own regions within the state, like costal dances.

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