Mariachi in Folkorico

When you hear the roar of the trumpets blasting the first tune, all people can do is stand up and dance. Nothing goes better with Mexican mariachi music than a sapatiado. Folkorico is still widely danced in Mexico and through the U.S. Mexican states have their own specific style of dance complete with different costumes and songs. Sometimes states even have their own regions within the state, like costal dances.

Folkorico dancing is a mixture of native and European influences. But there is no original dance for a certain song. Often people would create a dance for a certain region, then move and the dance would change to accommodate the style of that new state or region. Instructors now can teach a variety of dances from different states and regions in many styles.

As a musician in a mariachi, I often encounter the opportunity to play for a dance group. I always wanted to dance a spin with the long flowing skirt. I have now been dancing for almost a year and I enjoy it as much as I do mariachi. The energy is the same and the dances tell as much story through movement as do the lyrics in the songs.


~ by mariachime on May 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mariachi in Folkorico”

  1. I liked your video. The progression from simple workouts to what they do on stage was fun to watch. And I love the skirts. The way they fly around reminds me of watching the old Disney Fantasia movie.

  2. This video turned out really well. I like it a lot.

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