Mariachi Aguilas De Contra Costa

Mariachi Aguilas de Contra Costa

Mariachi Aguilas de Contra Costa was started in 1974 in Antioch, California, where they would play at local restaurants, bars and private parties. The mariachi then went under violinist Rosendo Rodriguez direction. He moved the mariachi’s location to San Pablo, CA, still the band’s current home. Throughout the years the maraichi has gone through many members. Some have since passed but new elements always being included.

Mariachi Aguilas de Contra Costa usually consists of eight to nine members. Usually three violinists, two trumpeters, a guitarist, a vihuela player and base player make up the ensemble.

The band now tours the entire San Francisco Bay Area and as far as Hayward, Napa Valley and Sacramento. Most common, the band plays at weddings, birthday, anniversaries and other events. Some of the busiest time of the year is December 12th for the Virgen of Guadalupe celebrations, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and most of the summer.

As a member of the band, it is apparent that the members have a strong connection. With more than three decades of creating music with different band members, the connection between the older musicians and their knowledge is incredible. They know other musicians from other groups who have played with them as guests and they still keep up with everyone they have encountered in their music career.

They often joke around and poke fun at each other and even pick on each other. They will get mad and then laugh it off, but when it comes to playing the music they get down to business and it shows in their bodies that they love what they do.

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