Such Moments

One of my favorite things or playing in a mariachi is noticing interesting things that people do. This weekend I played a gig in Woodland, CA, it was a quinceañera at the birthday girl’s home.

They had tacos for dinner and seemed like the guests were mostly family and close friends. The birthday girl was Amanda who wore a pretty pink dress was a a polite girl but what I noticed was a young boy how at my first sight of him was holding a duck around with his little sister. He seemed like a nice boy but not anything uncommon.

When, of course, Amor Eterno was requested I stepped forward and began singing it for the second time that day but I noticed someone watching. It was an elderly man, maybe around 70 years-old. His gray eyes were watching me sing. The wrinkles on his face hung low and his frown sagged. The sadness on his face was obvious but I looked at him while I sang.

The young boy stood on my right also watching me sing.  When the song finished I watched the young boy walk past the mariachi and over to the old man. He put his arms around him and held them there.

The man also slowly lifted his arms and held the boy. I saw the boy lifting his head from the man’s shoulder and talk to him although I don’t know what he told him.

Later I asked the boy if the old man was his grandpa, he said “yes” then continued to say that his wife had died several years ago and that he gets sad sometimes.

Although this has little relevance to mariachi, I wanted to share this because I often witness these precious moments while standing with the band and singing or playing. I thought that moment was such a genuine  act by someone so young who understood the sadness that overcame his grandfather when listening to such an emotional song, and his attempt to comfort him.


~ by mariachime on May 17, 2011.

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