Mi Don Panchito

Don Panchito and I at a usually day of work. This was taken at Holy Rosary Church in Antioch, CA

I really wanted to write a post about a man that is not only unique because he plays mariachi music but because of the size of his heart. His name is Francisco, but I like to call him Don Panchito. He is the guitarist in my mariachi band and at age 70 (or more), sings and plays as if he were 20. He has more energy and spirit than anyone else in the band and it is easy to tell that he enjoys every part of it.

Don Panchito is the biggest joker of the band. He will play tricks on you and make a joke about everything. He is always up for jamming with the band and is even the band member with the most solos. He never complains about anything and gets through long work days like a champ.

For me he has become family. He has told me so many stories about his past. One about a horse that loved him and would start hollering when he was trying to sneak out of his girlfriend’s house. He tells about a chicken who was so attachted to him, she followed him half way to the market and he had to walk her back. And he even tells stories about haunted roads.

He is always up to date on current event and of course always has an opinion of the latest. He is the biggest fan of the Chivas and does not miss a game, besides when we are working but he constantly calls home to check on the score. Don Panchito is an amazing man who loves life and loves the music, he says it is what keeps him going.

I made this video of him last semester to tell a little bit more about his story.


~ by mariachime on May 25, 2011.

One Response to “Mi Don Panchito”

  1. I really like that photo of the two of you.

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