Hi everyone, my name is Fernanda and I am currently a student and a member of a SF Bay Area mariachi band, Aguilas de Contra Costa. I have been in the band for 2 and a half years but been playing the violin for 11. Through this blog I wish to share my experiences with mariachi as well as cool stuff you may want to know as well as how to go about hiring a mariachi band. Check out the music page for songs that I have grown to love and new ones I rediscover. Enjoy!

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Mariachi Aguilas de Contra Costa

Mariachi Aguilas De Contra Costa

The origins of Mariachi music have been disputed for years. The word “mariachi” though, is believed to be indigenous, and to refer to musicians in general. More recently, in the 19th century, the mariachi has become an ensemble consisting of a guitaron (base), a guitar,  a vihuela (smaller guitar like instrument), a couple trumpets, and at least three violins. Often a harp is also included in the band  which is part of the Spanish influence in Mexico and mariachis. The modern mariachi is said to have been born in Jalisco, Mexico the home of the  Plaza de los Mariachis in the city of Guadalajara, a plaza where you can find maraichis throughout the week.


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