Cinco de Mayo…or Drinko?

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Some people call it Cinco de Mayo some Cinco de Drinko, I chose to call it a full day of work. Cinco de Mayo has always taken priority since I started in the band three years ago because we have a lot of gigs.

We always start the day off at lunchtime at a delicious Panini and sandwich shop in Emeryville, CA . Ruby’s Café is always fun to play at. People come for their daily lunch and are surprised by the eight piece mariachi band serenading them while they enjoy margaritas, Cornitas, chips and salsa and of course guacamole.

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Longing to play

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Last weekend I played a couple gigs after being away from the music for some weeks now due to school and various activities. Something that I’ve noticed as I continue to play mariachi music is why people keep playing after so many years and into old age. The love for the music is something that is for life. It stops being just a hobby but something necessary for existence.

I found this out as I suffered from mariachi withdrawls this past week. The stresses of school and life are  diminished by the sounds of trumpets coming from behind you and the melody of the accompanying  violins. Continue reading ‘Longing to play’

Mariachis in Schools

•April 15, 2011 • 2 Comments

Mariachi UCLAtlan is led by Jesus Guzman of Los Camperos

Something that has  sparked my interest lately is the growth of mariachi music in schools. From elementary schools throughout high schools and even into universities mariachi music is becoming part of the curriculum. I love this idea. I feel like this is allowing culture to develop in children and allows them to get in touch with their heritage from a young age even if they are Mexican Americans living in the United States. Continue reading ‘Mariachis in Schools’

Linda Rodstadt

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Linda Ronstadt is one of my favorite female mariachi singers. I love how she can be so versatile in her style from American pop to traditional mariachi music. I would highly recommend her album Canciones de mi Padre as a beautiful array of mariachi songs with an excellent singer. Linda Rodstadt did not always sing mariachi music, which is why her talent amazes me so much. She is such a well rounded musician that I am just so glad she ever gave mariachi music a try. She has won Academy Awards, Grammys and Tonys among other awards and recognition.

Rocio Durcal: A woman in mariachi

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Since we are on the topic of Rocio Durcal, I would like to dedicate this post to her. I have more recently began to admire Rocio Durcal for her style of singing. Upon hearing one of her sing you would instantly observe the intensity of her voice. Rocio Durcal was born in Madrid, Spain but built most of her music career in Mexico. She sang ranchera songs as well as ballads and was often accompanied by a mariachi. What I like about her was the passion in her voice and the way she captured the audience. She didn’t only sing the songs but lived them. She also had a background in acting and was the star in many popular films. I think she Continue reading ‘Rocio Durcal: A woman in mariachi’

Endless Love

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Juan Gabriel has composed over 1000 songs and is one of the most popular singers in Mexico

Sometimes I feel like I have some sort of supernatural talent that allows me to predict who and when someone will request the song that tends to make everyone, young, old, men, women, bride, groom or birthday girl, cry. The song happens to be my solo, as well as the most requested song in my mariachi. Amor Eterno, by Juan Gabriel is a classic. Juan Gabriel is one of the most famous Mexican song composers and singers who has composed over 1000 songs over his music career. He is most popular for writing ranchera music and ballads. But Amor Eterno still seems to be one of the most popular. The song is about a mother’s loss and sorrow she feels with the death of her daughter. The Mother being Rocio Durcal, popular Ranchera singer, who lost her daughter when she drowned in the waters of Acapulco. Juan Gabrirel wrote this song for her, which transcends generations and continues to cause listeners to shed tears every time. It never fails this ability of mine to accurately guess when this song will be Continue reading ‘Endless Love’

Mariachi Rock-O Reinvents Mariachi

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This is the album cover for Mariachi Rock-O: Sounds of Jalisco

There is a new wave of Mariachi music being played throughout the United States and has recently expanded to Mexico. Mariachi Rock-o is the name. It is the combination of popular rock and alternative songs being played by a traditional mariachi. The album,  Mariachi Rock-O was released in November of last year and features songs by Coldplay, Radiohead and The Eagles, to name a few. This new style is a great advance to Mexican Mariachi music. Personally, I became interested immediately. Many Continue reading ‘Mariachi Rock-O Reinvents Mariachi’